Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Simple Celestial - Pattern Testing

I really do enjoy testing patterns. I’ve tested a few patterns for Diane who blogs at FromBlankPages and I’m happy to announce that I’m waiting in the wings to test for some other people as well. Anyway, here is the latest.

This is Diane’s new pattern called Simple Celestial. It’s a simplified version of her Celestial Star pattern; so if you feel intimidated by the complexity of that pattern, you can easily get the same look with this pattern. Make sense? Good.

I love the versatility of Diane’s patterns and Simple Celestial didn’t disappoint. I spent many, many (way too many) hours creating different designs and coloring in the coloring pages. I think I came up with 14 different designs in total, and some of those had multiple color schemes! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the hardest part of Diane’s patterns is picking a design!

I really struggled with picking a design on this one. I liked all my options but I wasn’t happy with my fabric pulls or I didn’t have the right fabric for a particular design. Do you ever have that problem? Finally I spotted this fabric.

This ¼ yard of no name fabric had been sitting in my pile of ‘”uglies” for a few years. You know the “uglies,” the fabrics that you just don’t like and can’t for the life of you figure out why you ever bought them in the first place, but you don’t want to get rid of them because maybe one day they will be perfect for a project. I figured I’d give this one a chance because, hey, it had the right number of colors I was going for.

I wasn’t sure about my choice as I started fussy cutting and I was even less sure when I started sewing.

I think it was right about this point that I knew this fabric was perfect for this project. In the end it felt like fate, destiny …kismet?

As it turns out, I LOVE this block. I’m turning it into a mini wall hanging which is something I never do; that’s how much I love it, lol.

Until next time,

- Sarah


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  1. Perfect fabric for this block! Sometimes the ugly fabrics turn into quilted beauties, and this is one of them.

  2. You did a great job as a pattern tester Sarah and this is a very pretty quilt! Very cool how you pulled all the colors from one fabric!

  3. Sometimes those uglies turn into a beautiful swan.... and this is certainly one of those times!
    Your mini quilt idea is perfect for this gorgeous design, Sarah. Thanks to you, I will be giving my uglies a second look instead of relegating them into the backing department.

  4. So neat that you were able to turn some of your ugly fabric into something so pretty!

  5. I cannot believe you got that block from that piece of fabric! It's pretty awesome how you re-imagined it and re-purposed it. Great vision!

  6. I really love the story of this fabric. So sad that it was relegated to the ugly stack so long - but it has a new life now! Before I got to the end of the post, I was wondering if you had coloured a plain white and black flocked fabric with Sharpies....

  7. You're right, that fabric was a perfect match for the project. It's one of the "lovelies" now instead of the "uglies"

  8. You're right, that fabric was a perfect match for the project. It's one of the "lovelies" now instead of the "uglies"