About Me

Hi all. My name is Sarah. I taught myself to quilt about 15 years ago. It was an on again off again hobby until a few years ago when it turned into an obsession addiction passion. I would describe my quilting style as modern traditionalism or maybe traditional modernism. Really, I just make what I want!

What's in a Name?

123Quilt... What does it mean? Honestly, one of the biggest hurdles I faced when I wanted to start blogging was picking a name. I wanted something catchy and easy to say, something memorable and unique, but everything I came up with was already taken. And I mean everything! I spent over a year searching for the perfect blog name. A year wasted!

I finally decided to start a "fake" blog just to test out the platform and see how things worked. Well, that needed a name too. It didn't have to be a good name, just a name to get me started. "Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start." ABC, do re mi... 123? 123Quilt? That was good enough for my "fake" blog. One thing led to another and my "fake" blog became my real blog. So, that's that. Will I re-brand in the future? Maybe. But for now I'm happy to be Sarah@123Quilt.

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