Thursday, March 19, 2015

Instagram Got Me

Oh dear. I've been lost in an Instagram haze for the last few weeks. I feel as though I've just stumbled out of a loud, hazy Vegas nightclub with a beer stain on my dress and what I sincerely hope isn't vomit on my new shoes, only to be blinded by the rising sun. Was I in there all night? We've all been there, right?

I thought it had been maybe a week and a half since I last wrote a blog post. Nooooo, it's been three weeks! Wait, what?! Three weeks! I have so much to share, so much to say. It's been a busy three weeks, relatively.

I finished piecing the top of my "Xbox and Botox" quilt. You can read more about the pattern and fabric selection on this post. Rather than do a random splattering of blocks, I decided to do a deliberate gradation of color. I LOVE how this one turned out! I mean seriously love! Which is a good thing because this one is mine. Mine I tell you! This will be the first quilt, other than the one I made for myself about 15 years ago, that I will be keeping. Selfish sewing is good for the soul.

Okay, I've got to talk about seams. Yes, I know it's a can of worms but it's got to be done. I have always pressed my seams open. There, I admit it. However, I do believe that there is a time and a place for side-pressed seams. This quilt definitely falls into that category. See how beautifully those intersections come together?

I love a good nesting seam and the quick ease of pressing to the side. You do have to pay a bit more attention, though. I thought I had all my pressing directions organized but when I changed the layout of my blocks to the color gradation, I moved everything around and not all of my seams nested. Boo.

I still need to baste and quilt this one. I've been putting it off because I'm not sure how I want to quilt it. Yeah, that's the reason. It has nothing to do with the fact that I strained my bicep FMQ'g a month ago. *face palm* Sarah - 0, sewing machine - 1.

In other news, here is a pretty little pile of trimmings for a new project I've been working on. More to be revealed later; you know, when I have more than trimmings to show.

I'll save my other quilty doings for future posts. In the meantime, I'll be lurking around on IG; it's been a few hours since my last fix. I'm trying to be more social by commenting on things rather than just doing lookie-loo drive-bys. You can find me there as @123quilt.

- Sarah

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