Thursday, March 31, 2016

CPF - Rose Petals

Hi everyone! It's another Color Play Friday!

I must say that this is quickly becoming one of my favorite weekly rituals. Every week I look forward to the new photo of the week. Then I get to play around with it and I try to finalize my palette/bundle by Wednesday. When Friday rolls around I eagerly check everyone else's bundles. Monday comes and it starts all over!

If you are new to Color Play Friday (CPF), it is a fun weekly challenge hosted by Trina from In an Otter Life and Lorinda from Laurel, Poppy and Pine. Each week they select one of their photographs and then everyone creates a palette and a fabric bundle based on the photo.

It fun and easy and if you are interested in participating, just go to Trina's Color Play Friday page or Lorinda's Color Play Friday page for more information!

This week's photo is called Rose Petals. 

Lorinda supplied the photo for this week. These petals came from the rose bushes in her yard. Apparently they're not just pretty, they're edible too! 

This is what I came up with for the week.

I had a hard time deciding if I wanted to go monochromatic or if I wanted to include that teeny tiny bit of green accent color. Do you see that little green spec of a leaf in the lower right of the photo? I actually did make a second bundle that had a few green tones in it; but in the end, I felt that this monochromatic bundle felt "truer' to the original photo. Plus, I really like the gradation of color. 

I "shopped' from Stash Fabrics and Hawthorne Threads this week. 

My Fabrics:

Don't forget to check out all the other participants this week:


Chrissy @ Love Hazel Honey


Until next time!
- Sarah


  1. Great palette. I really love the wood grain and peaches fabrics!

  2. Those are may favorite two fabrics in the bundle too! I feel like this is a stash builder bundle I would covet in any shop!

  3. This is a stash builder for sure. I don't have a big stash so I gravitate towards those builder fabrics.

  4. Funny Sarah, I too had the battle of trying to figure out if I wanted to do monochromatic, just like you at the end, BAMM a bit of color. good job on your bundle.