Thursday, April 14, 2016

Color Play Friday - EMP

Hi everyone!

I can't believe it's already Friday! I feel like every Friday I'm sort of bewildered that the week is over. Where did it go? I still have things to do! I still have quilts to sew!

One of the best things about Fridays is #ColorPlayFriday!!! I love playing along with hosts Trina of In an Otter Life and Lorinda of Laurel, Poppy and Pine. Every week they select one of their own photographs and then all the participants of CPF create a color palette and bundle based on the photo. Let me just say, these ladies take some fantastic photos, like the photo for this week.

This amazing photo was taken by Lorinda. It is the EMP Building in Seattle. A trip here has been added to my bucket list! Bonus: You can see the reflection of the Space Needle

Here is my palette/bundle for the week.

I'm happy to say that this week's palette/bundle came easy to me. Some weeks I struggle with finding just the right colors and fabrics but this week everything seemed to fall into place. This also happens to be one of my favorite color palettes/bundles so far. Maybe that's why it was so much easier this week...

I picked a lot of geometrics and blenders this week to complement the gorgeous building. Any Frank O. Gehry fans out there?

I "shopped" at Hawthorne Threads again this week. Here are my fabric choices:

I really love how the fabrics work and play together. And of course, now I really want this bundle. Lol!


Be sure to check out the other participants this week!


Chrissy @ Love Hazel Honey
Jennifer on Flickr
Mindy @ Quilting Mayhem
Sarah G. @ Sarah Goer Quilts


Are you enjoying Color Play Friday? Want to play along? Find out more at Trina's CPF page or Lorinda's CPF page!


Until next time!
- Sarah


  1. This is perfect. Its like the perfect sunset bundle! And blenders are so so super important!

    1. Blenders are a necessity in a fabric stash. Like s'mores are to a camping trip. I'm glad you like my bundle this week!

  2. My blender loving heart LOVES this palette. So great!

  3. What a gorgeous bundle of blenders! I would totally buy this. If you do ever make it out this way, I'd love to play tour guide for you!

    1. I've never been to Seattle but I'll let you know if I ever make it out there!

  4. What a gorgeous bundle of blenders! I would totally buy this. If you do ever make it out this way, I'd love to play tour guide for you.
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