Monday, March 30, 2015

Sunday Stash #3 - Sphere Yardage and Fabric Pens

Is anyone surprised that I’m doing a Sunday Stash post on a Monday? Because I’m not. I really need to pre-write these things.

Anyway, I have two new goodies to share.

I got some yardage of Sphere by Zen Chic to go along with my Xbox and Botox quilt. This is my absolute favorite print from this collection. Backing? Binding? Both…? Now I don’t have any more excuses for not finishing that sucka. Can you dig it? (Anyone catch my little joke there?)

My other quilty acquisition is this set of gel pens for writing on fabric. I’ve been looking around for a good, permanent fabric pen for making quilt labels. Anyone have a great pen they’d recommend? I’m excited to try this kind out. Stay tuned for some highly un-scientific experimentation with these.

That’s it for today. I’m keeping this one short because I want to sew for the rest of the afternoon. Who doesn’t? Maybe I'll manage to fit some housework in there. Right…


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  1. I use micron pens for my labels. Don't know if they're 'the best' as they're the only ones I've used, and I don't hand-write labels often so don't know if they tend to fade quickly or not.
    Love that Zen Chic fabric! Super cute!

    1. Thanks! I'll try to include the micron pen in my experiment.